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Mobile Access To The Financial Markets

The platform for researching, scanning, market data and trading insights. We make investing easier, faster, better. Download for free in the app store below.

User Friendly Interface

Manage your trading portfolio with a few clicks of your mouse. Access all the market information at your fingertips.

Powerful Options

Options scanner, alerts, watchlists and much more. Every tool you need in your arsenal to become a professional trader.

Instant Notifications

Set important alerts when stocks break-out with popup notifications on sms, phone and e-mail.

Stock screeners

Essential tool used by stock traders and investors to sift through thousands of stocks to find those that best meets their criteria to discover hidden gems.

Super Fast Access

The app works on the latest technology and gives you instant access to top-notch brokers and partners.

Multi-language Support

IQTrader is available in English. Our development team is working around the clock to support most major languages.

Complete Toolkit

Get access to powerful option trading tools

  • Option Scanner
  • Stock scanner
  • Crypto scanner
  • Profit calculator
  • Trade Builder
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Best options P&L chart. Option chain, with "greeks" and strategy builder. We cover 1000+ stocks, Crypto and More.


You can keep track of all your assets with our watchlists. Use them to see real-time price updates and be the first to know what is moving in the market.


Our alerts system allows you to receive customizable alerts for any instrument, economic event, or news. Set up notifications for a specific price or change by %.


Latest financial news. Economic and corporate actions calendar. And General information across the global financial market.

Totally Optimized

Your mobile access to financial markets

Get Access to world-wide financial markets with the click of a button. Trade through various brokers & build and replicate successful portfolios starting from just $1

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Thousands of satisfied customers already downloaded our IQTrader

Awesome App

I have been using IQTrader to scan for stocks and collect latest news and info of the stocks that I’m interested in. The intuitive dashboard has made my life easier to locate potential trades. Its a useful tool for day trader like myself.

Scott Boxer - Toronto, Canada

Simple and Useful!

Trader for decades that needed a reliable service to filter trading opportunities. IQTrader is the prime service! The community and support is invaluable. Options trading is where it's at and scanning unusual option trades is exactly the upper hand I need! Thanks, IQTrader team!


Definitely a helpful tool

IIQTrader is definitely a helpful tool to take your trading to the next level. Great for researching, spike alerts, and scanners. Offers great training on how to use all the features to help you maximize your gains. I definitely recommend

M. Scanlon - Berlin, Germany

I Should Have Used This Earlier!

I should have started trading with this service. Well maybe it's better I struggled for awhile. Now I appreciate having real-time information at my fingertips and a service that allows me to filter out the noise and focus on the information that moves the market.

P. Russo - Rome, Italy

I am sure you will love it!

Very easy to use and has all the news how you would like it sent to you. Also has charts and options to check throughout the day. Stock screener as well. Loving it so far. Go for the free trial to see if it fits you, I am sure you will love it!


This is priceless!

But what really impressed me is all the support and talking to people from IQTrader that is obviouse they love what they do and are passionate. The follow up calls and emails assuring me that the pros at IQTrader are there to support me is fantastic. THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I didn't feel like I was paying for a service, I felt like I was joining a team, and That is priceless.


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IQTrader Free
$ 0 /mo
  • Charts
  • News & Analytics
  • Watchlist
  • Alerts
  • Portfolio tracker
  • Broker Access
  • Crypto Access
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IQTrader Pro
$ 2.39 /mo
  • Charts
  • News & Analytics
  • Watchlist
  • Alerts
  • Portfolio tracker
  • Broker Access
  • Crypto Access
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Download IQTrader

The platform for researching, scanning, market data and trading insights. We make investing easier, faster, better. Download for free in the app store below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does IQTrader PRO cost?

Our app is free to download and costs $2,39 a month to use all premium features.

Is IQtrader a broker?

No, we dont have a brokerage license and are not executing any trades. However we work together we licensed third-party professionals.

Does IQtrader execture trades?

No, we dont have a brokerage license and are NOT executing any trades. However we work together we third-party professionals, brokeagefirms..

Is IQTrader available on Android & Iphone

We're currently only available through the Official Apple Appstore.

Is trading risky?

There is risk of loss associated with investing in securities regardless of the method used. New investors need to understand the principles of investing, their own risk tolerance, and their investment goals before venturing into the market. In addition, online investors may want to consider these other risks. High Internet traffic may affect online investors' ability to access their account or transmit their orders. Online investors should be skeptical of stock advice and tips provided in chat rooms or bulletin boards. Investors should do their own research before acting on these tips. Also, for some online investors, there is a temptation to "overtrade" by trading too frequently or impulsively without considering their investment goals or risk tolerance. You could lose all your money!

What is an option?

Options are financial derivatives of stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs), financial indices, like the S&P 500 (symbol SPX), and futures. (Stocks and ETFs are referred to as equities). Each option is a contract between buyers and sellers.

How can I cancel my subscription to the pro version?

Open the Iphone Settings app. Tap your name. Tap Subscriptions. Tap Cancel Subscription. You might need to scroll down to find the Cancel Subscription button. If there is no Cancel button or you see an expiration message in red text, the subscription is already canceled.

Will there be a IQTrader Apple App Store app?

Our developers are currently developing the AppStore application and it should be completed in Q1 2023.

What does the Portfolio Tracker do?

Experience the handy and beautiful way to keep track your investments. Multiple asset types in single app. IQTrader allows you to manage portfolios and track various indicators in real time with a variety of tools and charts.

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